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TTP shaped charge

  • TTG Capsule Shaped Charge Manufacturer

    Contact NowTTG Capsule Shaped Charge ManufacturerThis series of products are of small size and light weight, are easy to operate, and they operated by using electrical cable to transport them into the oil pipe to casing. They are suitable for small-hole perforation, old wells dig or handling engineering incidents.Read More

  • High Quality Pioneer Ultra-Deep Penetrating Shaped Charge

    Contact NowHigh Quality Pioneer Ultra-Deep Penetrating Shaped ChargeHigh Quality Pioneer Ultra-Deep Penetrating Shaped Charge can satisfy the heavy oil, low permeability and high fracture pressure of formation of oil and gas exploration, effectively improve the construction effect, can significantly improve the single well production and recovery factor of oil and gas.Read More

  • High Quality TTP Strips

    Contact NowHigh Quality TTP StripsHigh Quality TTP Strips are mainly used in the fixation and connection of the non-frame perforated shells during single phase operation, and the deformation of the gun carrier is small after perforating, and it can be successfully removing from the wells. There are two structures in spiral and flat at present.Read More

  • Quick Delivery Deep Penetration Shaped Charge

    Contact NowQuick Delivery Deep Penetration Shaped ChargeWith the features of deep perforation, regulate Channels, low harm, no pestle blocking, no damage to casing, this series of products can be used for normal temperature, high temperature and super-high temperature.Read More