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Time-Delay Booster
Dec 28, 2016


The Time-Delay Booster is detonated by the detonation wave output by Percussion Detonator. After a preset time, the time-delay booster will output detonation wave, which detonate the booster, detonating cord and charges.


Code O.D Length Base load Temp rating Delay time
HgMp-28A-HY/11-0 φ48mm 297mm 0.98g HMX 160 /48h ℃ 3±1min
HgMp-28/1-0 φ48mm 297mm 0.98g HMX 160 /48h ℃ 6±1min
HgMp-28D/11-0 φ48mm 414mm 0.98g HMX 160 /48h ℃ 10±1min
HgMp-28-DGC/1-0 φ48mm 549mm 0.98g HMX 160 /48h ℃ 15±1min
HgMp-28G-HY/11-0 φ48mm 302mm 0.98g HNS 200 /48h ℃ 6±1min
HgMp-29G-DQ/1-0 φ48mm 419mm 0.98g HNS 200 /48h ℃ 10±1min


The Time-Delay Booster must be used with time delay firing head body together. Put the time-delay booster into time delay firing head body and connect the firing head body to the end of pressure actuated firing head, differential firing head or TCP safety impact assembly.

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