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SCSK-84/90 Severing Tool
Feb 21, 2017


We developed the Dual End Severing Tool for severing thick wall tubulars in the 1980’s. The technique is based on the Colliding Shock Wave Principle. Since its inception, the Drill Collar Severing Tool has been continuously refined, resulting in the industry-leading severance device for cutting drill collars and drill pipe in a wide variety of stuck pipe scenarios. This tool is useful when restrictions preclude the use of conventional drill pipe and casing cutters. The secret to the success of the tool lies in the precisely-timed detonation of two equal and opposing shock fronts. The colliding shock is matched to a cartridge assembly at the mid-point of the assembly, designed to help focus the energy transmitted to the target. JRC developed the industry standard shock attenuating mandrel for use with Drill Collar Severing Tools and patented this technology (US patent 5,117,911). Drill Collar Severing Tools can be used with JRC’s Proprietary Rig Environment Detonator - RED- offering a high level of protection against stray voltage or inadvertent RF-initiation.


Severing Tool Size

φ51mm *1300mm

Pressure Rating120Mpa
Cartridge Sizeφ39mm *40mm
Cartridge Explosive Weight74g
Temp Rating170℃/24hour
Cartridge Qty128pcs
Total Explosive Weight2368g


•  Full range of sizes for virtually any severing requirement

•  Standard tool is rated for 15,000 psi at 400°

•  Use special HP accessories for well conditions 15,000 to 20,000 psi

•  For extreme wellbore pressure, the 2 1/8-in. OD Severing tool functions at wellbore pressures of up to 26,000 psi

•  Higher temperature tools available for extreme temperature application

•  Shock attenuating mandrel helps protect wireline tools


•  Rapid assembly and deployment saves rig time

•  Industry standard connections can be run on any wireline unit

•  Proven track record with unmatched performance

•  Air freight classification (1.4s) provides rapid mobilization

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