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Baker style #10 Setting Tool
Jun 14, 2017


The #10 Setting  Tool  Assembly  is  a  device  in  which  the  products  of combustion are utilized for the gradual development of force through pressure. This motive force operates the various working parts of the #10 Setting Tool  in a proper sequence to ensure the successful setting of Bridge Plugs, Retainer Production Packers, Cement Retainers, and other products. The  pressure  required  is  built  up  through  the  burning  of  a  Slow  Set  Power Charge, or a Standard Power Charge.  For specifics on all Power Charges and Igniters  refer  to  Tech  Units  on  Power  Charges  and  Igniters  Manuals.  The setting pressure is confined to the proper area of the setting tool through the use  of  O-ring  Seals. It  is  of  extreme  importance  that  all  of  these O-rings  be maintained in perfect condition. The #10 Setting Tool Assembly incorporates a Disk Bleeder Valve to provide a safe, easy method of bleeding off trapped pressure  before disassembling the tool after it has been run. 



Max Pressure10MPa
Max. Setting Force147kN

Pressure Features and Benefits at Setting Depth:

• Used to set Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, and Production Packers on Electric Wireline.

• Use in conjunction with a Casing Collar Locator for correlation of exact setting depth.

• Uses the advantage of the fast running capability of wireline.

• Proven design has been the “Industry Standard” for many years.

• Sizes available for setting inside 2-3/8" tubing up to the largest casing.

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